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We have started!!! KOM in Rome


We have started! On January 27th 2023, OUTSIDE project was funded by Erasmus+ INDIRE to prevent and fight the hikikomori condition.
e held our kick-off meeting in Rome, organised by Skill Up Srl with our leading partner Mission Empathy and the European partners PUHU Research and Consultancy from Turkey and Poderío Training & Research from Spain.

The OUTSIDE Project was created to bring into the field of adult education an issue that has already been addressed in the school and youth sector for several years: the phenomenon of the Hikikomori, people who are usually young and most often male, and who increasingly isolate themselves from the social context, to the point of locking themselves in their homes and refusing contact with the outside world.

The need to seek solutions in the EDA sector stems from the fact that once young people leave school, it is increasingly difficult to monitor their state of mind and isolation. An inclusive adult education system must also take on the task of reaching this complex target group.

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