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Final TPM in Córdoba (Spain)

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Last Friday 7th June, our partners Poderío Training & Research were the perfect hosts for the second and last TPM of our project, held in the beautiful city of Córdoba (Spain). The meeting, which was attended by representatives of the four partners, served to check the development of the first activity, a toolkit with practical tools to combat the hikikomori phenomenon. We also worked on the content of activity 2, a result for intervention with young adults, which will be developed in the coming months.

In addition, the meeting served to update us on management and dissemination issues, as well as to work on the sustainability of the project in the medium and long term. To this end, we began to think about the possibility of generating new proposals based on the experiences shared in Outside, as this project has opened up a world of possibilities for a phenomenon that is still largely unknown.

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